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Gilbert & George BLESS THIS BEARD

Ever since they met in 1967 at St. Martins, London while studying sculpture, Gilbert & George has injected life into art and art into life.  Even in their recent 2-D works, the pair appears as if a pair sculpture standing still with fixed gaze and stiff posture.  These two well-suited gentlemen have used their elegant sartorial fashion to set a contrast between what is represented and what is perceived.  Some may say they have pushed the boundary between the sacred and the profane.  However, this is not entirely the point, it is by recognizing the rift between the visual symbol and the signified in Gilbert & George's images that one can begin to understand.  

On view now until December 22, Lehmann Maupin presents "Gilbert & George: THE BEARD PICTURES," a seres of mixed media 2-D works.  The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue that includes a wonderful essay by Michael Bracewell, photos of the pair's design layout for the gallery's current exhibiti…

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