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Anna Boghiguian: The History of Loom

During the 1960s, Anna Boghiguian (b. 1946, Cairo, Egypt) studied political science at the American University in Cairo then studied music in Montreal.  When realized she was losing her hearing that limited the prospect of pursuing music, Anna Boghiguian found freedom of expression in making visual art.  Like with music, visual art can express ideas and sentiments that surpass the use of verbal language.  But more importantly, she liked that visual executions could elude from censorship.  

With sincerity and rawness, Anna Boghiguian's work deals with histories of wars, revolutions, and a global economy propelled by the seduction of greed and power.

Currently on view until August 19th, the New Museum presents the Armenian-Egyptian artist's first solo exhibition in its South Gallery.  There are 18 works produced from 2016-17 with the exception of Guilt Machine, a mixed mediums sculpture which was made in 2013. 

In the series of works titled Woven Winds: The making of an economy - c…

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