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Half a Life | Timotheus Tomicek

Opened on Sunday the 18th of March at SEA Foundation, a not-for-profit / artist-led organization in Tilburg of the Netherlands is a solo exhibition of Austrian artist Timotheus Tomicek curated by Eline Kersten, who is also an artist herself.

A few days prior to the opening, Riet van Gerven of the foundation told me about this project, and I was immediately intrigued by the artist's mission to combine science and art.  To truly understand and appreciate the works in the show, we should hear from the artist and the curator directly.  So we all sat down to talk about it.

CH: You are working with a very interesting idea, in the sense that you are combing ideas in science with art.  How do you reconcile these two disciplines in your work? Philosophically and physically?

Timotheus Tomicek: There was no need to reconcile these disciplines, in my point of view, I see them not only as connected but even aiming in the same direction toward the question of where things come from, where they…

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