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Sites of Knowledge

Sites of Knowledge is a group exhibition with an intellectual agenda and is intelligently put together. On view until July 28, at Jane Lombard Gallery, the group show is curated by Re-Sited, a two-person collaborative (its members are Melissa Bianca Amore and William Stover.)  Their exhibition examines the function of symbol and language, in turn, it addresses critical ideas about history, authorship and the visual structures of knowledge.  

As you walk in, Richard Artschwager's Exclamation Point welcomes you.  Made in wood, this is one of the many different versions in a body of work that focuses on punctuations. The artist once said that art is pre-literate and his exclamation operates in the space between words. Standing nearby is the work by a French- Canadian artist, Guy Laramée, called The Grand Library. His work features eighty books from Encyclopedia Britannica. From the sides it looks like stacks of books with their spines neatly intact, but all the books have their pages …

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