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Mary Corse: A Survey in Light

"Ideas define its form ... words are too deceptive."  -Mary Corse, "White Light," 1969

Although as the artist has pointed out that words are not the best way to describe her work, however, for those that are not familiar these words should aid as an introduction.

For decades, Mary Corse has been experimenting with painting light onto canvas.  Her practice is a combination of art and science.  If this does not make her stand out from her contemporaries of the West Coast Light and Space Movement of the 1960s, then her tenacious focus on exploring the two dimensional surface of painting sets her apart from artists such as James Turrell and Doug Wheeler.

Of her practice, Corse uses the two dimensional space to capture a certain quality of light that moves as viewers move within their physical space.  Her works are self-referential in the way that the paintings emphasize physicality and material.  Her investigation centers on the spatial relationship between object an…

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