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The Armory Show had a mix bag of Contemporary and (quite a number) of Modern works (surprised me since I thought The Armory was mostly about showing works of now.  Then again, The Armory has been more about selling art rather than about showcasing newer art).

This is the first piece I liked during the beginning of my walking around the giant place.This is by an artist from Havana, RenĂ© Francisco. The subject attracted me to this painting, it looked as of a scene or a still from a black and white movie of the 1950s. When I walked a little closer and noticed the slides that appeared to be tucked along the side, they were even more detailed color paintings of scenes and landscapes.  This piece shows our fascination of looking at things, images of things, pertinent to why people visit art fairs.

Also attracted by the texture of the paint application, this one had a clever way of using acrylic paint and texture to depict subject that only comes to full view when you stepped further away from it.  I am not a fan of acrylic paintings, rather prefer oil paintings since the latter implied a more serious art practice and acrylic is commonly used in grade school art classes... but I really liked this and have changed my mind about this old notion.

The artist of the painting below is Juan Genoves.

This piece is the center theme of The Armory Show - Bling Theory by Martin Kline.

With automatically switched on and off lights reflecting through pieces of magnifying glasses that projected the message ' Still Time To', this piece was very charming.  It brought back a sense of humor and playfulness without the bitter irony or the straight rebellion to the contemporary cultural landscape and mainstream public media.  Instead of a cynical social critique, this piece conveys a sense of the artistic idiosyncrasy  that I miss in contemporary art today. This piece is made by Ian Burns.


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