The color of nostalgia

Sunset has the color of nostalgia, its red orange haze has always enticed me to the most sentimental yearnings. Naturally it is easy to see why I like these works, though it mimics the sunset but its artificially produced hues and patterns also evoke a different kind of yearning than the every-day sunset.

Inspired by natural light occurrences and images of nature the artificially produced elements of the piece add a cinematic effective that overly dramatize the sense of nostalgia.What I love is the light projection through the perforated screen sculptures making beautiful patterns all over the floors and the walls. These patterns also remind me of movie scenes from Casablanca (1942) and others in which the interior shots of somewhere faraway and exotic drives the mood of romance and longing. Here you can see the set-up of the lighting that consists of a pair of cinematic lights behind a screen.

Sue de Beer is one of my favorite artists, through manipulations of light and colors her images and works usually have a dream-like quality to them.  Here for this exhibition named Depiction of a Star Obscured by Another Figure, she made a piece by dropping the ceiling.  Through manipulating the architecture, spatially it gave me a feeling of intimacy and alluded to that I was about to enter into a very pretty dream.  These works are on view until March 19 at Marianne Boesky Gallery. 


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