Disco Mountain

From afar it looked like a mountain of massive black tumors inside of someone who keeps a peculiar diet of black coals.  Make that shiny back coals.  What's attractive of this work is its mass and volume, visually it attracts visitors like a tourist destination (judging from looking at other follow photo snappers and happy-faced children).  The color of this sculpture reminded me of an outer space scene or moon-landing scene in old sci-fi movies, the texture and formation completed the experience.

This photo shows the scale of the piece and its "tourist attraction" attribute.  Apart from the nature element of this piece, there is undeniably this strong element of a artificial landscape.  By the reactions from the visitors maybe this is the next big destination for young, old, man and women as our natural universe is being eaten up by the ever expanding human interventions all in the name of modernization for industry and personal prosperity.

Here is me trying to get a piece for myself.  For your information, this piece did not have an olfactory dimension among its many other dimensionality.  If you are curious, pay a visit to Pace and you will surely not miss this piece by Tara Donovan.


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