My wish list II

Every month, I put together a list of things I wish to own, this is merely a wish list for now since I have not reached the financial status to actually purchase any of the pieces nor would it all fit in my one-room studio apartment in Brooklyn. Without further ado, this first one I found while “powering my nose” in the washroom at Dodge. I like that it is sort of like a modernist painting in 3-D with triangular wood blocks. The light washes of pink added more playfulness to this piece of sculptural painting.

Tony Oursler!  This piece looked adorable to me when I saw it at the Armory this year.  It is also a little naughty looking.  The intriguing thing about his LCD-projected faces is that they are amusing to watch at the same time a little creepy because it feels as if they are doing the “watching” more so than you are watching “it”.


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