Fun in the sun

It was finally feeling like spring this last Friday after many days of rain, dark gloom in the sky, then more rain. To fully take advantage of the sun and the many colors it conveys, I took a weekend mini-holiday in Washing DC. While my initial plan was not exactly art-seeing because I wanted to enjoy the outside and not to be inside of any museums or galleries, but here I couldn’t help taking notice of these sculpture pieces at the Hirshhorn Museum sculpture garden.

This Giacomo Manzu piece got my attention because of its form and subject matter. Though the artist and the model is a common subject depicted by many different artists through paintings, sculptures, drawings, and just about any other medium you could think of. What makes this piece fascinating is that the surface looks very much tactile and almost as if the piece is still being worked on. What is also interesting about this relief sculpture is that the head of the model is actually carved out like a sculpture in the round, but without any of the facial features you would expect to see considering the style of figurative work this is in. Her face is entirely represented as a lump that looks likes like clay.

Self-Portrait with Model at Bergamo, (1942, probably cast 1948-61) Bronze 52 1/4 X 38 5/8 X 10 1/8 IN. (132.7 X 98.1 X 25.7 CM.)

Combining qualities of architecture and sculpture, this pavilion-looking piece by Dan Graham is a lot of fun to photograph.  First I admire its integration of sunlight and the mirror reflections that makes (the subject) reflections seems as if seen from multiple angles.  In other words, by standing in one place you are able to capture the subject or yourself as of looking from different angles.  As this piece is named for Gordon Bunshaft, the wooden grid structure of the piece (mostly seen as reflections in this photo but also it extends out) reminds of his Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale.  This two-way mirror is the most interactive piece in the garden. 

 For Gordon Bunshaft, 2006 / (fabricated 2007-2008) Two-way mirror, stainless steel, wood, and stone 92 1/8 x 196 1/4 x 196 1/8 in. (234 x 498.4 x 498.1 cm)


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