Light Intoxication

The most beautiful things in life are always made with love and there is much of that in this new installation at W/ ---- Project Space by CONFETTISYSTEM called LIGHTS UP! CONFETTISYSTEM is a team of two very beautiful and talented members, Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho. I have known Nicholas Andersen since high school years back in Honolulu, and he has always been full of surprises to me. Not only is this installation full of visual inspirations, knowing both Nick and Julie for as long as I have, this is undoubtedly a product of their assiduous labor of true love.

The amazing thing about these works and this whole installation is that when you stand inside, the glittering surrounding instantly transports you to a dreamy wonderland filled with shimmers and sparkles that is sure to light up your heart. What is more amazing is that CONFETTISYSTEM works with seemingly simple materials but only to transform and disguise their ordinary nature to be something of nostalgic provoking state of physical being.

For this installation, there are fringed curtains, memorizing lights, geometric pi┼łatas with metallic fringe-like treatment (I really wouldn’t attempt or suggest you to smash this one for a birthday party, there is just not enough candies in the world for me or anyone to want to do damage to it), garlands and a one-of-kind fringed ceremonial coat and head piece that they have collaborated with fashion label United Bamboo to create.

In addition, there is also a video projection onto the fringed white wall in one end of the gallery. For this piece, CONFETTISYSTEM collaborated with director Jon Leone and shot it on location at Creature of Comfort. In the video, the aforementioned collaboration with United Bamboo is featured and worn by a model. It is really worth traveling over to W/ --- Project Space located on 141 Division Street to check out LIGHTS UP! by June 2, because you will walk away with much love and beauty in your heart.

And if you are a real fan, please check out CONFETTISYSTEM’s Gold Wall that is currently on view at the Museum of Arts and Design.


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