Green Grass Antique-ing: Part I

"Country livin' and antique-in" , and with a belly full of green tea ice-cream and dark chocolate covered Balhsen Waffeletten, I am fondly recalling the sunny weekend trip to upstate New York. The funny words spoken by my friend Aaron while strolling down the quaint little streets in that very small but very 'ol' American' downtown area along with my pretty friend Liza and I now have been borrowed to open this post. Some of you might have noticed the sudden pause I put on this blog writing duty of mine. But wait... I have not entirely forgotten because during all this time I was simply looking for new inspiration as summer is now officially upon us.  It was during the midst of taking this little vacation, I found the peace and happiness once and again reemerged in me.

These two horses live right across from Liza's house. I love horses because despite that they are such big animals physically, they always seem so genuinely kind and gentle.  On most occasions, no matter how much bigger they actually are than me I never feared that they would harm me if I got a bit closer to them. Beautiful horses inspire in me with the generosity to give into nature and be utterly intoxicated by all of its beauty.  This is not very different from the way I feel about art in some cases, at least the works I tend to write about here.

For the moment, I do not feel any urge to be terribly critical of what I may find or see and thus now we are back down the country road to antique-ing. Just when you are probably thinking, what's so great about all this junk. By the look of it, the entire place is filled with stuff that people threw out, well now, I would beg to differ. It was just there that I found many interesting looking and visually inspiring things that although may never be defined as high-brow fine art, but who cares about all that when you are surrounded by things and people you love. What matters more is that all these things once carried special meanings in someone's life, that they belonged to their owners when at the particular time and moment of very specific aesthetic choices were made. After all, beauty is all we seek and wish to be surrounded with. Call me a romantic, but hey, what else is there to do but a bit of romancing in the summer heat?

Finally without further ado, I did manage to find some intriguing pictures to contemplate on. Call it kitsch, call it domestic craft, call it a Sunday hobby, and I call it art. These flowers had been carefully stitched onto a piece of linen though now faded and yellowed with time but still retains its unique characters. Aside from the overall composition, I noticed this little pattern on its side. I was not really sure what it supposed to represent visually, but to me at the time it was as if this little line-drawn object disrupted the predictable realistic approach to this portrait of a potted plant while adding a bit of mystery as to whether the picture is on its correct orientation. In the midst of visually contemplating on this, the picture suddenly have a story, one that tells perhaps more than just a pot of pretty flowers sitting against the summer shade. (A bit later, after I had contemplated more on it, I realized this object is supposed to visually represent a window hinge. However because of the color used here looks so dominant and almost to the effect of brining the background forward to bare equal importance to the foreground depiction. Therefore, my former reaction still has not changed entirely after my realization in recognizing the object.) To end, I would like to present this favorite picture of Liza's and mine, or as we like to call it cat art.


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