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As we live in this age of political and economic uncertainties, emergence of vastly different cultures, everything seems transient and nothing seems completely resolved. Whether through choreographed demonstrations, throwing a party in an art museum or working with malleable materials that transform with the passage of time, contemporary art has become the medium through which we could examine our cultural landscape. Opening on February 15th at the New Museum of Contemporary Art is the 2012 Triennial aptly named “The Ungovernables.”

This Triennial brings together thirty-four artists, artist groups and temporary collectives. Among the thirty-four, the majority does not work out of the United Sates. Based on the Museum as Hub model, Eungie Joo, Keith Haring Director and Curator of Education and Public Programs further expands this idea of building international art partnerships as means to challenge institutional practice.

Image from the artist's website at: http://juliadault.com/

The works included in “The Ungovernables” explore the nature of transience while attempt to bridge between the present with past and future. House of Natural Fiber brings a new media art laboratory into the museum, experimenting with a combination of microbiology and art. In the sculpture of Julia Dault, she uses Formica, Plexiglas, everlasting box wraps and string but the result of the piece is highly dependent on the given space, her physical strength in conjunction within a particular time period of which she must execute the piece. Also featured is performance artist Wu Tsang, as part of his summer residency he staged a party in the Sky Room of the New Museum. According to the artist, “parties are an in-between space,” and for his Triennial rehearsal, Joo provided the museum theater for the artist but the end result is yet a mystery. No matter the outcome, the New Museum’s 2012 Triennial is going to be another step over and across its own institutional boundary.

One additional, checkout this TV spot by The Propeller Group advertising communist ideals and community advocacy.


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