The one that got away- (read on because there is more than just sheer mawkishness)

Photo taken in MD
in a parking lot, there I spotted two bunnies

Ahh... Summer. What else is one to do but daydream and remember things in the past with fond memories. Of course, this is a luxury of someone who chose to work as a writer and a freelance Chinese interpreter. That is me. In the above photo, taken during a recent trip to Maryland where my parents currently reside reminded me of something quite sweet. For two years, we were "bunnies" but you see in this picture there was one that tried to get away. And, it did manage to hop off the scene but then it stood still for just a little bit enough time for me to take another picture of them together (but crouched far apart from each other). To me it was quite an amusing and rare sighting, as in Brooklyn, there are just not that many bunnies but more like the other type of more intrusive rodents. Poetically speaking, this reminded me of the good times I had with you. We were "bunnies".

Photo taken in a national park, MD

Another photo taken in a national park, MD

Nature is inspiring, it is calm and tumultuous at the same time. When I stood in front of the waterfalls, the uproariousness of the water stream washing itself down told of the nature of all things that nothing is to be hold. Then later, when stood from afar, the spectacular view informed me that all things become beautifully clear when one is able to gain a certain kind of perspective.

Obviously, this post hasn't got a focus on contemporary art or culture, the subject of which has been the focus of 75% of all my postings. Nonetheless, this one should count as an inspiration page. What is an artist without inspiration?

Email me if you would like to visit this park. Enjoy summer.


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