Garage Sale

Pardon the delayed text that was supposed to supplement this image when I first posted it here. The end of the year is usually a time of instability that involves one to be constantly on the move, in other words to travel back and forth to see family and friends. As for this "season of giving" what could be better than arriving with a hand-picked gift item to express affection and appreciation? Well, if you agree then Martha Rosler would be more than happy to sell you that little sentimental something from her garage sale.

Currently occupying the atrium space of MoMA until November 30th is Meta-Monumental Garage Sale, an installation that takes on the epic-scale of a real-life garage sale inundated with items collected by artist Martha Rosler.  I have been liking Martha Rosler's work since in my early art-school years.  The very first work I remember seeing was Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975).  Although in this installation (when the piece first realized in 1973 it was called Monumental Garage Sale, and now MoMA houses its latest staging or re-staging) Martha Rosler might seem to have softened a bit compared to Semiotics of the Kitchen in terms of her black-and-white and blatant social critique of the traditional role of woman at home and in society.  Nonetheless, don't be fooled by her amiable and friendly sales-techniques because she is just as critical of the current popular behavior in consumer culture and forthright in making obvious our increasing fetish of constantly buying things in hopes to fill a psychological void with material objects. 

Martha Rosler at MoMA
Image taken on Nov. 16, 2012 during a special preview


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