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The reason I've been quiet these days is I am working on Another Blog- my new online women's magazine. Besides my interest in contemporary art, I've always wanted to expand my horizone to write on topics that'd help others, not just for people in the art world and like contemporary art. 

Another Blog includes sections such as fashion / style, news / culture, health / wellness, and stories of women that made important contributions to society.  For example, Vera Rubin- the astronomer who discovered dark matter despite her highly skeptical male colleagues, Clare Hollingworth- the foreign correspond who revealed Hitler’s army assembled for the invasion during WWII, and Christine Keeler who inadvertently changed the course of political history in Britain by her involvement in the John Profumo scandal.  Just to name a few.

This is my latest project, click here to read about my mission statement and why I've started this online magazine.

Art reviews will resume early next week, meanwhile, happy reading my new magazine.  


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