The book includes interviews with four artists (Issac JulienBecky Brown, Caecilia Tripp and Caris Reid), in addition, it also includes a review article written in a first-person voice and narrative-style of paintings by Jen Mazza.  This piece is based on an intimate conversation about her artistic that took place in her  studio.  

I thank all the artists, whose enthusiasm and collaboration made it possible for me to realize this project.

Please click here for pre-view and purchase detail.

Cover image: detail of Carnations, Blue Vase, Fleurs de lis, 2014 by Jen Mazza
Design: Jen Mazza and CH Reviews

eBook cover image: installation detail, Georgia O'Keffee: Living Modern at Brooklyn Museum
Photo: CH Reviews

This summer, I have taken a little time off to write an ebook.  About a week ago, I published a short how-to guide on style and fashion.  This may seem like something entirely different from what I have been writing here.  But in some ways, it is not completely detached from art and visual analysis.

Before I started working in the art-world, I went to an art school (The School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston) and studied to be a painter and video artist.  In this little book, I uncover the visual method artists use to measure the human body and proportion.  In turn, I translate this technique for readers into a practical tool for how to present a stylishly pristine image that reflect intelligence and personality.  

Please take a pre-view peek and get a copy here, it is a fun read and very funny. The book suggests the reader to take one's image seriously, but refrain from letting it be counter-productive to one's real life. 


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